Hockey Skate Profiling

CAG One Profiler

Computer controlled shaping of your skate blades

Done only with a CAG One machine

Profiling is the modern, scientifically proven method of shaping the length of the runners. It is not rockering or contouring. Those are techniques rooted in 1950’s ideas.

Profiling helps skaters:

Profiling leads to:

Profiling & Sharpening $22.50 tax included

Profiling and sharpening takes about fifteen minutes and can usually be done while you wait.

Skate better and easier

Profiled Skate

The blade should be flat on the ice under the middle of the foot. The length of the flat part and where it is situated front-to-back affects skating speed, stability, agility, quickness and power.

Leaning Profile Skate

Most players like a profile that accommodates a forward lean for better agility and more shooting power. Lean is often more pronounced for forwards.

Profiling is blade shaping — not sharpening

Profiling is a numerically controlled automated process that shapes skate blades to match the skaters' natural stance and style, providing maximum maneuverability, stability, and speed.

A player’s size, position and skating style determine a skate blade profile that will work best for them.

Profiling is not blade “rockering,” This old freehand technique is inconsistent, ineffective and may be harmful to the skater. Contouring might give you matching runners, but they are still done using outdated ideas of what gives maximum skating performance.

Profiling is NOT done every sharpening

A properly profiled pair of skates should last 15 or 20 sharpenings by a competent operator. Profiling every time grinds down the blades excessively quick, and costs money you could use to sharpen the skates more regularly (every six to eight hours of ice time).

New skates should be profiled

Skates come out of the box not sharpened, and with a profile that may not be suited to your skating requirements or style. The runners on a new pair of skates may actually have different profiles. Profiling provides a matched pair of blades that are suited to you.

Profiling for goalies too

Goal skates need a different profile, but the benefits of better balance, agility and reduced fatigue are still achieved.

Profiling is not just for elite players

In fact, beginning or struggling skaters often benefit most. Although there is improvement at every level, a player who is “down” every time they contact another player will find they’re much more “in the game.” Whether they become an elite player or not, they’ll have a lot more fun.